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Story of my life LoL

I started playing video/computer games at an early age, cause frankly its the only thing that i am good at. Ive always escaped the real world and handled my problems by shutting myself down, and turning the computer on. I have 270 days playtime, on my beloved druid in WoW and a collected time of about 370 days with all my chars four of them lvl 90, thats about 1/19 of my life. But the system has violated my sanctuary and you know why? the answer is simple, well because of websites such as,ribbons and the way they show witch division you´re in i thought it would be cool with such sites and cool new ways for you and others to see what a individual player has achived, but its not cool its not awesome and it takes the joy out of the game in so many ways,because it is a part of how much people will listen to you in game, i can be positive give my team a hell of a start, i can roam around, i know what to be done when it should be done but no one listens to me why?, cause the fuckin ribbons and websites have become a new way for people to see me, no one listens to the guy with silver division 2, the easy answer is cause there noob, and the complicated answer is cause no one applause the silver when were staring at platinum. just like no one sees the nice guy within the player. Last words is ” Fuck the Noobs, Fuck the flamers, and Praise the  Real Player! “ 

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